10 easy steps to become a hacker

10 easy steps to become a hacker

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10 easy steps to become a hacker (facebook.com/ethicalhackers00)

1. Understand ‘hacking’:

Ethical hacking refers to the act of locating weaknesses and vulnerabilities of computer and information systems by duplicating the intent and actions of malicious hackers

This is the part which most beginners skip but if you ask any professional hacker or anyone who is related to some field like this will tell you that this is the most basic and important part which is going to help you in your way to become an expert hacker. Most of the time people fascinates hacking because they think that hacking is doing some cool stuffs like hacking fb id or wifi or compromising someone’s information without their prior consent but this is totally wrong and is termed “Black hat” in hacking world. Actually hacking means solving a problem, and if you wish to make a carrer in ethical hacking then you should be aware of its legal terms, we do hack into someone else’s technology but only after their legally written permission and hacking is done just to make sure that the security being used presently by the user is up to date and do not have any sort of loophole inside, if there is any sort of gap we try to give it a patch nd that’s what ethical hacking is all about. So be careful and start exploring the world of hacking only after you understand “hacking”.

2. Learn programming

Almost each and everything which we see around us in this digital world where we are constantly surrounded by technologies, is nothing but a computer program which uses some sort of complex algorithms and is made up of hundreds of programming languages. Learning basic programming has became a necessity for all of us but if you aspire to make a career in hacking or just want to do some cool hacking stuff to impress your friends then programming is something which must be on your tips. Understand it like this, you are in a foreign country but you do not know their language it is obviously going to be very hard for you to communicate with them similarly if you do not know programming then how will you make computer work for you. 

You can start with C as it is the most basic yet a powerful programming language, practice coding in c and then you can move on to C++,C#,python etc.

For a hacker there are some must know languages, languages which are mostly used in web applications ex-php,javascript,python,sql. If you knowledge of these language then it is very easy for you to manipulate and make changes using them .

3. Know Linux

Linux is the best-known and most-used open source operating system, and unlike Windows or Mac it is free of cost. It is built on C and has basis of unix technology. Linux is the operating system which gives you the user full control of all the activites and processes which means linux is very easy to modify and customize. 

In hacking, you must be aware of the operating system that you are using and most probably the operating system that you are attacking, you should understand its technology to a larger extent and Linux is totally transparent which makes it more easier for us to understand.

Linux not only gives us the power to customize but it also comes with some great preloaded utilites which makes hacking life more easier.

4. Meet Kali

We talked about linux and its important in hacking in the previous section , now we are going to look at what we call “The Hacker’s Paradise”. KAlI linux is something about which we all have heard somewhere. And if you are crazy about hacking then you must know what it is, Kali is an updated and fully customized version of linux which comes with hundreds of preloaded tools and utilites which makes hacking a lot easier for us. It also allows us to install or to make our own tools. It also have a great GUI which makes it easy for you to work on it although Using command line (root) over GUI is always recommended for a hacker because it makes the grip better. 

For you to become a hacker kali is something which you should worship like a dog. Install kali learn it, practice the command line until you become comfortable with it. Once you start using Kali Linux you will automatically know its importance.SO get Kali and let the fun begin!

5. Replace Kali with Windows

Now, if you are using windows which I am sure you are using then now it’s the time to say goodbye to your overly expensive operating system. If you have linux who needs windows. Kali can do all the work which windows can and even better. Also as I stated earlier you must use kali in order to become a professional ethical hacker. So just replace windows with kali

6. Read some stuff

Reading is something which makes us more knowledgable, but reading the right stuff is more important.

There are thousands of books in the market on network security, hacking, server security etc which you should read to keep you updated, also hacking is not a one way path there are no certain rules or ways to become a hacker so you have to gain information from everywhere, and reading is one of the best way of doing so

7. Be updated

Technologies are changing and upgrading day by day,people are becoming smarter, and as a hacker its your duty to be updated because if you are not then you are definitely going to let someone hack your clients system, There are hundreds of methods of hacking being invented day by dy obviously you ca nit know about all of them but still you should be aware of what is happening around in the world of security. 

Watch videos on youtube, there are some great TED talks uploaded on youtube on threats of security go and watch them, read articles or blogs like that of us, just make sure that you do not miss anything.

To be a part of the hacking community you must be fast enough to change and upgrade your knowledge about it. 

8. Hacking Challenges

Practice makes a man perfect, indeed but hacking is something which you cant practice in a general basis, but hopefully there are some websites which allows you to hack and find vulnerabilities in them and make your hacking skills even better. 

Few websites provides challenging hacking games with different levels of successively increasing toughness, try them out because the best way of improving your skill set is to put them on test.

9. Experiment, a lot

As an hacker its your responsibility to experiment as much as you can,you can not rely on a particular method .

10. Be unique

Every human is unique so are hackers, make your own style of hacking and master in that.

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