10 Facts about Colours which would make you feel wiser!

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Colours are what make our lives so interesting and wonderful. Just imagine having to live in a world which is completely black and whit. Will you be able to live in such place? I guess not!  We are surrounded by beautiful colors all around us, but did you about some facts about colours?


Here are 5 awesome facts about colours that are really helpful in real life as well!


1. If you’re planning to get your house painted, here’s what you need to know!

There are two types of colors, warm and cool. Red, orange and yellow are warm tones while violet and blue are cool tones. Green is said to be the most neutral tone. Warm tones make a room feel warm while cool tones make a room feel cool. Warm tones make a room seem smaller because the walls feel closer which cool tones make the walls feel further away which makes it feel larger.


2. Mosquito Magnet

Yes, Blue attracts mosquitos. In fact, it is their favorite color! Researches show that mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors especially blue. So if you are planning an outing, better avoid blue!

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3. Orange was not called Orange

Originally, the orange colour was called Geoluhread. In fact, it was much later that the colour was named after the fruit! It is one interesting facts about colour!


4. Color and taste

Did you know, the taste of food is influenced by the color of the vessel, pot or a cup containing it! Yes, it is how our brain receives the color and flavor. For example, a cup of coffee tastes delicious when served in a brown cup and chocolate tastes better in orange vessel.


5. Eye Catching

Yellow is the most eye catching color. In fact, school busses are painted yellow because it is noticed 1.24 times faster than any other color.


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