10 Useless And Ridiculously Expensive Things Celebrities Bought

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Being rich must be fun, but we obviously wouldn’t know. People work very hard to earn their livelihood. They do all sorts of work to get money, but some probably just get too much of it, just like our favourite celebrities. Celebs are known to have a larger-than-life lifestyle and buying too many things that are just way too expensive. But there are celebrities who go way overboard and buy things which make us question their sanity. From an overpriced ancient fossil to a million dollar humidifier, a lot of celebrities buy useless things with their money.

Here are 20 such times when celebrities went overboard with their shopping sprees and bought some ridiculous things for even more ridiculous prices:


1. Mike Tyson – 2 White Bengal Tigers: $150,000

Because dogs and cats are too mainstream.

Next – Solid-Gold Bathtub


2. Mike Tyson – Solid gold bathtub: $2.3 Million

Bath-time, Cleopatra style.

Next – $325,000 Doghouse


3. Paris Hilton- A doghouse: $325,000

The plush doghouse includes a mini designer furniture, heating, air conditioning, ceiling moldings and even a dainty black chandelier. Don’t you wish you were born as her dog?

Next – Diamond Mine


4. Akon – Diamond mine: Price unknown, but very expensive.

And you thought buying mines was only for Clash of Clans!

Next – Golden Million Dollars Jet


5. Donald Trump- Private jet with 24-karat gold plated sink and seatbelts: $100 million!

The real ‘Golden Bird’.

Next – $37,500 Shoes!



6. Tinie Tempah – Nike Air MAG shoes: $37,500

Do these shoes make you fly?

Next- $55 Million Horse


7. Jay Z – A famous race-horse: $55 million!

Because why not?

Next- Diamond & Gold High Heels

8. Beyonce- House of Borgezie’s Princess Constellation high heels: $311,000

She is really walking on money.

Next – Ghost Detector $50,000


9. Lady Gaga – Ghost detection machine: $50,000

Because ghosts don’t knock before coming!


Next – Gold Leggings


Beyonce’s gold leggings- $100,000

For extra glamour.


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10 Useless And Ridiculously Expensive Things Celebrities Bought
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10 Useless And Ridiculously Expensive Things Celebrities Bought
Celebrities having billions of dollars and wasting all of them on useless things don't you want to know what celebs buy with their money
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