4 Foods That Help to Fight Migraine

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The Migraine is a common problem in today’s people we covered this topic in a lot of posts and today we are back to tell you about some of the food which can help you relieve from this problem so without wasting more time lets get started


40 Foods That Fight Migraine




migraine fight prideted


Adding some more protein to your diet may be the key to a headache-free life. Researchers at the University of Colorado Denver School of Pharmacy. Have discovered that a high-protein diet can help reduce oxidative stress, which can lead to headaches. Fortunately, peas are a low-calorie way to add vegan-friendly protein to your diet. Just a single cup packs 8 grams of the stuff, as well as plenty of migraine-fighting magnesium.

so this was it  hope you liked this post and use these foods to tackle a migraine and be happy cyaa guys be sure to check other posts

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