5 Signs That You Might Be Experiencing High-Functioning Depression

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So in this post, I want to explain if you walk through high-functioning depression and how this may show up…

Difficulty experiencing joy.

With high-functioning depression, the things that used to bring you pleasure  whether this is a cherished yoga class or a monthly ritual of getting together with your girlfriends  don’t bring you joy anymore.


Irritability or excessive anger.

If you find yourself blowing up over small things  or you find yourself exploding in a way that feels disproportionate to the event, if irritability and excessive anger are something you’re wrestling with, this may be a sign.



Inability to rest and slow down. 

If you find yourself uncomfortable with slowness, stillness, and fallow periods of time because of the uncomfortable feelings you come into contact with when you do actually slow down, this could be a sign of high-functioning depression.


Diminished energy. 

If you feel like you barely have the mental, emotional and physical energy to handle your life anymore. If your overall energy levels are greatly diminished, this could be a sign of high-functioning depression.


Feelings of guilt and worry over the past and the future.

If feelings of guilt and worry over your past and future feel pervasive and dominant, this may be more than “normal” worry.


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