5 Weird and Interesting Facts about Names. You Will Love!

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We use names as a medium of addressing one another. We don’t usually think in depth about the history of names or about the most common name in the world. Well here are 10 very Interesting facts about Names which you will absolutely LOVE!


5 Facts About Names


1. The weirdest names in the world!

Facts About Names

A baby born in 2005 is named GoldenPalace.com Silverman after the internet casino which paid $15,000 to acquire the naming rights! Even an adult woman possesses the same name after auctioning off her name on Ebay! Her name were bought by that internet casino for $15,199.We use names as a medium of addressing one another.


2. The oldest name in History!

Will you believe that the oldest name in the history doesn’t belong to a king or a warrior or even an artist? The oldest name ever in history is actually found to be of an accountant! This 5000 years old tablet is recorded to be 33 centuries long before Christ! The tablet looks like a business deal that was made and it says “29,086 measures barley 37 months Kushim” where ‘Kushim’ is supposed to be the name of the accountant!



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3. The longest name in history!

Facts About Names

Hubert Blaine Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff, a German-born Philadelphian typesetter (1904-1985) has the record of having the longest name in the history with a mind baffling 746 letters! His full name is:

Adolph Blaine Charles David Earl Frederick Gerald Hubert Irvim John Kenneth Loyd Martin Nero Oliver Paul Quincy Randolph Sherman Thomas Uncas Victor Willian Xerxes Yancy Zeus Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorffvoralternwarengewissenhaftschafers wesenchafewarenwholgepflegeundsorgfaltigkeitbeschutzenvonangereifen duchihrraubgiriigfeindewelchevorralternzwolftausendjahresvorandieer scheinenbanderersteerdeemmeshedrraumschiffgebrauchlichtalsseinu rsprungvonkraftgestartseinlangefahrthinzwischensternartigraumaufde rsuchenachdiesternwelshegehabtbewohnbarplanetenkreisedrehensichund wohinderneurassevanverstandigmenshlichkeittkonntevortpflanzenundsiche rfreunanlebenslamdlichfreudeundruhemitnichteinfurchtvorangreifenvon andererintlligentgeschopfsvonhinzwischensternartigraum

We use names as a medium of addressing one another.First name is of 26 words, each word starting with one letter of the English alphabets! Isn’t that awesome?


4. The most common name in the world amongst boys

Muhammad, Mohammed or Mohammad are the three variations of the same name which is the most common name in the world! It is the most popular name since close to 15 million boys and men have this name! How awesome is that! We use names as a medium of addressing one another.


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5. There is a 100% possibility of you meeting a person with the exact same name as you!

And this doesn’t just goes on the first name but also on the last name! it is a 100% chance of a person meeting another person having the same First and Last name as their own albeit with a little variation in the spelling. We use names as a medium of addressing one another.


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