6+ Latest Android O Features

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Android O: New Features Confirmed In Android O Developer Release

android o features

The Android O is official. Google’s legions of developers can now download the software and begin tinkering around with the new update.

Unlike the Android N preview, this one isn’t an OTA affair; no, this time around Google wants its developers to manually download the software. You’ll need a Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel, Pixel XL or Pixel C to run the software.

Updates-wise, Android O appears to be more of a functionality-over-looks update. The overall look and feel of Android doesn’t look like it will be changing much; all the big shifts are happening under the hood.

So let’s start…..



1)Simplified Settings Menu

(Including design changes, Menu Categorized and Removed slide menu.)

android o simplified settings


2)App Badges

(App badge is nothing but the count of unread notification on its app icon.)

android o notification badges



3)Navigation Bar Tuner

(For easy customization and can easily add navigation buttons.)

android o


4)Lock Screen

( You can easily change lock screen shortcuts, unlike previous androids.)



5)Improved Audio Quality

(LDAC, Apax HD, aptx and AAC are supported now.)


6)New battery menu

 (Redesigned look and  simple representation of the battery usage of the particular app or hardware usages.)

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6+ Latest Android O Features
Article Name
6+ Latest Android O Features
Here you will get all features and tips and tips about the latest upcoming Android O. Here are the top 10 features which will be in the Android O

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