5 Amazing Life Hacks That Can Save Your Life!

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Life can show any colors at any given time. We need to be alert at all times. Everything around us can work as an emergency gadget if we know the right use of it. All we need to know is what things work best when just like the life hacks we show you below. These life hacks can save your life in the most dangerous emergencies.


1. Emergency Phone Charger

Life hacks

It is best to keep any battery for emergency. They work for multiple purposes. You can also create an emergency charger for your phone when it dies in an emergency. Just put the battery positive side on the charger jack and other side of the battery to any metal object. It will charge your phone for emergency calling purpose enough.


2. Tied Up Tips.

Life Hacks

When someone is tying you up at any unfortunate situation, try to clench your hands as hard as you can. This will make the arms swell up. The rope tied at that time can then loosen when you stop clenching to save your life.


3. Sinking Car.

Life hacks

When you get stuck in a car underwater, it is nearly impossible to open the door. The water pressure does not allow even inch to be pushed open. But, you can use the pressure instead to break the glass of the car windows. A very useful object in this trick is the seat belt buckle. It is hard, easily accessible and near to being pointy enough.


4. Cigarette Filter Knife.

Life Hacks

If you are a smoker, you know all about your cigarette filter materials. But, what you do not know is that when heated and stamped with wet hands into a flat surface. They work brutally as knives. Be careful while testing it. They are really sharp.


5. Drinkable Water

Life Hacks

If you ever get stranded in an unknown place or a dense forest, this trick is a great life saver. It is easy to find water anywhere. But to make it drinkable a cloth can work good as a filter.


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