10 Close up Images of Normal Things Which Will Shock You!

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Zoom in on anything and you will enter an entire new world of knowing.  Drop ant under a microscope and you’re looking face-to-face at every nightmare you have ever had.

1. Some kind of flower?Microscope

It is a picture of Butterfly eggs on a raspberry plant.

2. Mountains?Microscope

This ia a micro-crack in steel.

3. Is that a bundle of ropes?Microscope

It is a picture of Needle and thread.

4. Guess…what is it?

Beard hairs under a scanning electron microscope: cut with razor (left) and electric shaver (right)


Head of an embryonic Zebrafish with 500x magnification

6. What is this gross thing?

This picture shows the aftermath of fayalite reacting with gaseous CO2 to form siderite, thereby capturing the CO2 in a solid, stable form.

7. Gross! Are you ever going to touch this?

It is actually a piece of dentine with dentinal tubules from human tooth, after demineralization using etching with 37% phosphoric acid for 15 seconds and 10% sodium hypochlorite for 1 minute.

8. Is it looking like a rope?

But actually it is, Steel.

9. No, it is not a handful of cinnamon candies

Those are actually red blood cells

10. Is it marshmallows and graham crackers?

Or just salt and pepper really, really up-close.


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