Craziest Stuff that Airport Security Found…

Have you ever heard that a man is smuggling monkeys kept in his underwear?? So guys I am back with similar kind of unusual things that the airport security found...

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Hey Vipan bal here once again with spooky things found at airport security

51 Tropical Fish


A woman was stopped in the Melbourne airport after movements kept sounding rather… runny. Security decided to physically inspect her with more than careful pat down after they discovered a specially designed apron with multiple pockets to carry 15 bags of 51 different kinds of tropical fish.

15 Severed Heads


In 2013, O’Hare international airport discovered a shipment of 18 human heads. Headlines were ablaze raising questions as to where these heads were being sent and why. Turns out , they were legitimate medical shipment and due to a mix up of a paperwork, got everybody quite fired up. They were originally sent to a medical facility in rome and then were returned to chicago for disposal as part of an agreement.



A diver has found himself a keepsake while exploring an 18th century shipwreck. A coral covered cannonball was determined to be denied access onto an airplane due to its viable explosiveness. Despite this adventurous passenger having no violent intentions, the entire baggage areas and three flights were to be evacuated delaying nearly 300 passengers.

Dead snakes


In 2007, the hartsfield-jackson atlanta international  airport encountered a man flying in from South Korea who had 30 dead venomous snakes packed in jars and bottles that he checked into his luggage. There has been no official report as to what the passenger planned on doing with these dead creatures.

Lipstick Stun Gun


A first for an airport in Burlington, Vermont, when an unusual lipstick case was found in a woman’s carry-on bag. With careful examination it was discovered that the lipstick was a 350 000-volt stun gun.

Wheel of Pain


In 2012, a frightening weapon known as a “Wheel of pain” was discovered through the screening process of the Newark Airport. It has 6 razor sharp blades that can supposedly decapitate a person in one swift throw.

Tiger Cub


In 2010 at Bangkok international airport in Thailand, a sedated 2 month old tiger cub was found in suitcase amongst stuffed animals. The 31 year old woman who attempted this crime was hoping to collect £2000 on the Iranian black market. Instead she was arrested and the little tiger was sent to a wildlife refuge.

Cocaine cast


Here’s a drug smuggler that legitimately broke his leg and built his cast out of cocaine. Trying to pass through Barcelona’s El Prat airport after arriving from Santiago, Chile, he did not get very far. It’s uncertain if the drug smuggler broke his leg specially for this task or if it was accidental, but the cast was made out of 11 pounds of compressed crack. The plan might’ve worked if he wasn’t so greedy since officials found additional cocaine in his luggage.

200 Tarantulas


It must have been a creepy day at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam when a couple’s suitcase was confiscated after discovering 200 rare and may unknown Tarantulas as well as grasshoppers, millipedes and crickets. They were handed over to Dutch animal welfare. The german couple that tried to smuggle them back home after a trip to South America faced criminal charges.

Monkey’s in Man’s underwear


In 2002, an exotic bird had flown out of a man’s bag in Los Angeles International Airport. The man had been returning from a trip from thailand. Additionally 50 rare orchids were alse found in the bag. Officials asked if he has anything else illegal to declare and he blatantly admitted to having a pair of monkeys in his underwear. Yup, two very young pygmy monkeys, an endangered species in the U.S. were removed from his undergarments and delivered safely to the Log Angeles Zoo.

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