Difference Between LCD And LED Screen

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Hello guys today I’m back with an interesting topic that will clear all your doughts and confusion between LCD SCREEN and LED SCREEN. Previously we are using big Televisions and monitors that covers large area and also are heavier in weight. So in today’s article we are going to discuss about difference between LCD and LED Screens



After that big monitors and TV’s we were introdued with the LCD (LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY) Screens, that were very much lighter and good in display quality as compared to that old Screens. This Screens were used at many places after it’s launch and also due to it’s inbuilt features.

As we all know that everything has a two faces a positive and a negative just like a coin….

So in this case also these screens also have some disadvantages which led to develpement of LED Screens


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Disadvantages of LCD Screens:

Each panel has a fixed pixel resolution format determined at the time of manufacture that can not be changed. All other image resolutions require rescaling, which generally results in significant image degradation, particularly for fine text and graphics. For most applications should only be used at the native resolution of the panel. If you need fine text and graphics at more than one resolution do not get an LCD display.  LCDs have difficulty producing black and very dark grays.

Disadvantages of LED Screen:

LEDs top most disadvantage is the price rate at which they are available in the market, which is very expensive, so they are not easily affordable for common people. They largely depend on the correct engineering otherwise a lot of deterioration and defects can develop in the products. They shift color with age and white LEDs are inconsistent as thermal instability is a very common fault in it.


After all, we will recommend you LED Screen which is far better then LCD. Let us know your thoughts in comments below.

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