How I Earned my first $100 from Google Adsense Optimization tips

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Believe me earning $100 isn’t that hard from Google Adsense for newbie blogger. Just what we need is some good content, a good theme and audience.

First of all i want to tell you time taken to get your first $100 depends upon from what country you are getting the visitors , how much and on what niche.

What niche to choose to write to get most out of ads from adsense?

earn from google adsense prideted
my first $100 from google adsense full adsense tips
  • Domains – Blogs on Internet Domains Like GoDaddy, Namecheap etc. It pays highest CPC.
  • Gadgets – Tech Gadgets like Apple products
  • Google – Google Products
  • Microsoft – MS Office
  • Banking
  • Automobile
  • Health
  • Real Estate
  • Home Loans
  • Jobs
  • Dating & Romance – It pays lowest CPC.
And what is did…

I chose to write about first four categories in my very first domain  as i thought i was good about these topics. And this is trending in the market(online world). If you have skills you can start earning thousands of dollars online in a span of one year just what internet need is skills and hardwork( the time you will put on internet to search about trending topics and then write about it on your site.

Note- that playing games is also a skill dont ever let your confidence down by thinking that you don’t know anything just believe in yourself and dig into you to find what you can do best

Which country pays the highest google Adsense revenue?And how to target them?

Obviously a developed country will pay you higher than developing country. It’s all because of strong economy and higher literacy rate. When I started my blog like others my target was of targeting USA but also to target my own country. The reason to target my own country even if its developing is because I was able to understand their needs And interests. Although i know USA is having 1000% More revenue per 1000 people than India i targeted India aswell.

my first $100 from google adsense prideted tips
my first $100 from google adsense tips

So what was the conclusion of targeting India-

India is a developing country and more people are getting interested in internet and want to learn more from it.Where as USA Want quick solution.

So what it leads to India helped me to get approx 120.000 page views which in turn generated me around $60 Whereas USA I generated only 6000 views but you will be shocked that i earned approx $25 from it. This truly shocks everyone in the world how developed country can help you earn more than other.

To learn to target them we basically have to learn about the needs of the country Their interest and mostly what they search.To know all this there are some tools down which you can use to know their habits and write about it.

  • Google Adwords (here)
  • Google Trends     (here)

1 ad at the header is worth million more than 3 ads inside the content

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What platform I chose to host my content?

In the start i got to know that blogger is the worst platform to start with a premium domain. So What I need was the hosting. And like any other student no money was in my pocket.So what to do at this time……..

Viewen-Free cloud web hosting company

my first $100 from google adsense help by viewen
my first $100 from google adsense thank you viewen

Many of you will think free means problems or no security at all.But believe me VIEWEN turned  my thinking and changed my life by providing the service which most other companies provide for 100’s of bucks.

🙂 Viewen gave me a new phase to my life and helped to make me self sufficient to pay for some of my needs <3

Choosing platform

After getting hosting i installed WordPress. The best platform for BLOGS And Authors.After that i start my site by using the theme editorial. Which i further channged after some months to newspaper  once i was able to earn sufficient

And last thing was left before started writing was SEO. So i chose yoast seo for it and just started writing on different topics.


So this was it after that continuous effort to find and write content made me earn my first $100 which i will be going to use for my future projects 🙂


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Viral,Amazing Videos at HUB by PrideTedViral,Amazing Videos at HUB by PrideTed
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by Lucky singh

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