Facts you didn’t know about Harry Potter

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Hey ! Do You Like Harry Potter ?

Did You Watched All Parts Of It? If Yes Then Must Read All These Interesting Facts About Happy Potter…


J.K. Rowling Is The First Person To Become A Billionaire By Writting Books.


 Vol De Mort Means Flight Of Death In French.


The Hogwarts School Motto Is “Draco Domiens Nunquam Titillandus” Which Is Latin For “Never Tickle A Sleeping Dragon”



It Took An Effects Team Six Months To Create Dementors.

J.K. Rowling Says That Every Single One Of Her Characters Is Flawed. Harry Included

The First Harry Potter Novel Was Published In 1998, The Same Year That The Final Battle Of Hogwarts Takes Place. “I Open At The Close”


J.K. Rowling Has Said That Voldemort’s Boggart Would Take The Shape Of His Own Corpse, Since Death Was His Greatest Fear.

Some Of The Portraits In Hogwarts Are Actually Portraits Of The Producers.

There Is A Note In The End Credits Of Goblet Of Fire That Reads “No Dragons Were Harmed In The Making Of This Movie”

Lord Voldemort Was Incapable Of Loving Someone. He Was Conceive To The Effect Of A Love Potion.


Hope You Guys Enjoyed Reading These Facts …So Beautiful People Soon Will Come With Some New And Interesting Facts Till Then Keep Smiling 😊


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