Fortnite Apk for Android Release Date Confirmed!

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Fortnite is the most trending game right now on almost all platforms! Fortnite Mobile is getting more popularity than PUBG on iOS! It’s #1 Trending in the App Store. They recently released it for Nintendo Switch but Android users still waiting for Fortnite APK Launch. According to rumors Epic Games is going to announce Fortnite Android in E3 2028. If they announced it in E3 would be a great thing for Android Gamers!

It would be the exactly same as the Fortnite on iOS. The developers further said that it would have the:

  • Same gameplay and content
  • Same map
  • Same weekly updates (which we assume includes Seasons and new Challenges)
Fortnite app Android
Fortnite Mobile

How to Play Fortnite on Android?

Fortnite first arrived on iOS as part of an invite-only event – with codes coming first from Epic itself, then offering those players three invites to pass on to their friends – but is now freely available to download from App Store. But as they are taking a lot more time for Android, it will be directly available in Play Store to Download.

Of course, you need to have a decent Android phone to run it smoothly as Epic Games claims the mobile version of the Fortnite brings “console quality graphics and action.” It’ll be interesting to see how mobile device players fare against console and computer players who arguably have the advantages of a larger screen and better gaming controls.

Fortnite Apk Data

Fortnite Android Cross-Platform

Fortnite Mobile Android players will be able to play cross-platform when the game becomes available on mobile devices. That is to say, a player using an Xbox will be able to play with another player using a mobile device, like a smartphone or tablet. Bringing the game to mobile devices will also let gamers play “Fortnite” wherever they bring their mobile devices, not just on their home consoles or computers. All that’s needed is an internet connection.

“Fortnite” is free to play on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Mac, and is played by around 45 million people. A whopping 3.4 million people were playing the game concurrently at one point in February. Bringing the game to iOS and Android devices will surely raise number of players to even higher levels.

Epic Games seems to have a solid plan for using the E3 show to continue growing the game while making sure as many people as possible can play on as many devices as possible. Shockingly enough, it looks like Fortnite is only going to get bigger!

Also if you want the same experience as fortnite you can download Fortcraft apk as it is same as Fortnite

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