5 Funniest Ways To Die! And They Are Actually True!

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Death is inevitable and everyone knows this. But the cause of your death? That is something you can never ascertain! It is surprising to learn the weird (and sometimes funny) reasons which can cause the death of a person! These silly things can be anything, from choking on your lunch to tripping on your feet! Here are 5 funniest ways to die (and they are true)!


Funniest Ways To Die!


1. By a coconut!

Who could have wondered that people could die because of coconuts?! It’s probably the most bizarre thing that can happen! But this does happen and coconuts apparently kill around 150 people every year! Falling from a height of 80 feet, they can build up an impact speed of 50 mph! Isn’t it one of the funniest ways to die?


2. Falling off the bed!

Did you know that falling off the bed can, in some cases, actually kill you? Around 450 people die due to falling out of bed in the United States each year. And about 20 people in Britain also die after falling off the bed! Don’t you think this ranks #1 in the list of the funniest ways to die?


3. Drowning in the bath!

Do you know that someone nearly drowns every day in America! A higher percentage of people drown in their bath water than in public swimming pools, with young children and the elderly most at risk. Around 25 babies drown in baths every year.


4. Due to hot water!

Hot water can prove to be very deadly and has been the cause of about 100 people dying every year in U.S. itself! Children under five are most at risk, with 126 accidents reported every year in Britain! In Japan, around 150 people die from hot water scalding every year.  Have patience people, patience!


5. By vending machines!

It is actually true that people die because of vending machines! This happens when people are trying to get a snack from the vending machine and the machine topples over and crushes them! Each year about 12 people die due to vending machines! Imagine, craving a snack and innocently going to the vending machine to get it and instead having the vending machine crush you to death! Definitely one of the funniest ways to die!


This was our compilation of 10 funniest ways to die! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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