Gaming & health (indoor-outdoor)

Trend of visual gaming (healthy or harmful)

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  • Althougt our hectic schedules spare us with less leisure time yet we can steal some time for our recreation as well as well being.

In this contemporary era, where masses use a number of gadgets offer a variety of visual games. As a result individuals are indulging in passive activities. The importence of this latest trend can not be denied as they are an easier way to use anywhere, anytime without any obstackle. Moreover they also increase mental ability. Where as in outdoor  games, there is a need of specific ground. 

Howevere, the drawbacks of gaming habbits can not be ignored. Now a day, some children have become addicted to visual gaming to such an extent that it is proving to be derimental to their health. They are becoming obese and lacking physical strength.

So, to promote Games that need physical activity is the need of the hour. Undoubtedly, “heath is wealth” one should understand the worth of health and try to involeve in the Games that make one physically active. One should try try to spend less time in front of screen and avoid to play games passively. 

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