Getting Started turned into a Platform where you can earn money by Viewing and Commenting on content , By Voting up or down or by writing your own content.There are plenty of ways with which you can earn on Prideted. And in this post we will guide you on how to get started with prideted.

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How to Register?

1)Open Homepage And click on the avatar shown in the picture to create an account

2)Then Click on sign up

3)Add info or Use your facebook or google plus account to Sign up

Viola your new account has been created! And you will get 100 Potatoes

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How to redeem Potatoes

Once earned enough Potatoes you can redeem them in Free Stuff Section

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Earn By Upvote or Downvote

Open any post on the side of every post you will see up and down arrows from where you can Vote the coontent and earn 1 Potato

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Earn by Daily Login and Visit

For Daily login you will get 1 Potato And For a Visit 5 Potatoes means total of 6 Potatoes Free for Everyday

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Earn By Viewing post

For Every post you view You get 2 Potatoes.

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Earn by Writing Content

Click on earn Button from menu And Choose The format you want to upload(Warning no NSFW Content)

You will get 150 Potatoes for publishing post And 1 Potato for every 10views on your post. Content will be approved by Admin and then only Potatoes will be rewarded

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