Google Home vs. Amazon Echo! Which is Better?

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Google is moving fast in the battle of these voice controlled devices & recently launched Google Home Mini for $49.99. Amazon Echo is just right behind it & many peoples are confused & don’t know which one to buy? Well, in this article all points for these will be cleared & it’ll surely going to help you a lot to choose which one to buy.

What are they?

Google Home and Amazon Echo are both smart speakers. They can play music, but also perform a whole range of tasks using voice control.

Simply say something out loud to either of them, and they’ll do their best to help you out. From checking up on the news or weather, to ordering a pizza or turning off your lights at home and many more!

Amazon’s speakers are powered by Alexa, while Google uses the Google Assistant. But they’re basically the same concept which is a virtual helper that’s linked up to your smart home.

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Google Home vs Amazon Echo design and specifications.

Google’s Home is a slightly curved pod with a sloped top, and comes with an attractive fabric base. The Home Mini is a smaller disc-like pod covered in the same fancy fabric.

Amazon echo

Amazon’s Echo speakers are hard cylinders and soft, in the case of the new Echo, that vary in height depending on how much you want to spend.

For the screen-toting models: Amazon opted for a boxy TV-style design with the Show that looks decent enough. But the smaller, orb-shaped Echo Spot is the real design winner, and looks great in any room.

The Google Home is probably the more attractive device overall, but Amazon has a better range of options to suit your tastes.

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In terms of sound, the new Echo features a 2.5-inch speaker and a small tweeter that puts out room-filling audio.

The Google Home, meanwhile, boasts a 2-inch audio driver and two 2-inch passive radiators. It’s similarly impressive, although the Google Assistant’s voice does sound a little scratchier than Alexa.


Which one should you buy?

Amazon started making these home speakers first, so it has a wider selection of speakers than Google Home.

These include the Amazon Echo ($89.99), the Echo Dot ($49.99), the Echo Plus($139.99), the Echo Spot ($119.99), and the Echo Show ($199.99).

The Dot and Plus are smaller and bigger versions of the Echo respectively, while the Spot and Show have built-in displays as an added extra.

Google currently only offers the Google Home (£129) and the Google Home Mini(£49), none of these has a screen like Amazon Echo’s some speakers.

Google Home

Google Home Mini is pobably a better device than Amazon Echo in terms of smartness. So, let’s compare their features & what can they do.

what can Alexa and Google Assistant do?

Both the Google Home and Amazon Echo can perform largely similarly tasks – telling you the time or controlling a smart thermostat.

But there are a few key differences between the two speakers.

Amazon’s big advantage is its huge base of “skills” – commands built by other companies to work with Alexa.

Because it was first to market, Amazon was offering the ability to order an Uber using your voice before anyone else, for instance.

This head-start means Amazon has a really impressive range of tricks up its sleeve – but Google may catch up, eventually.

Google’s big advantage is its incredible artificial intelligence, Google Assistant.


The company handles unfathomable masses of data every single day, and that means it can offer a virtual assistant that feels natural to talk to, and works with all the apps you already use.

If you’re an Android phone owner, or you use a Google calendar, the Assistant will be able to offer personalised informations like your plans for the day.

The Google Assistant is also better at contextual questions. So if you ask “what movies has Robert Downey been in?” and then ask “how old is he?”, the Assistant will know your second question is still about Robert Downey.

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Which one should you buy?

There’s no right or wrong answer here. both companies have created amazing smart speakers. For music playback, both devices function perfectly fine as speakers.

Where Amazon is really winning is on price. The main Echo undercuts the Home by about $40 – but if you’re a die-hard Googler then you had to pay $40 more.


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