The 5 Different Kind Of Tea & Their Benifits!

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Tea is better than coffee.

Whatever the occasion is, or not, tea is an integral part of every Indian household. And why not? It has some amazing health benefits. While the regular Tata Tea is our everyday poison, there are other varieties of tea that has some major health benefits. Here’s some tea wisdom for you:


1. Green Tea


Want to lose weight? Want clearer skin? Or just need to detoxify? Whatever your need be, green tea is the best solution. With a good amount of antioxidants in this brew, it is your go-to for all ailments. The taste takes some getting used to, but the benefits are manifold. It:

  • Regulates Glucose Levels
  • Reduces Bad Cholesterol
  • Help Lose Weight by Metabolism


2.  Lemon Tea


If this is the first thing you drink in the morning, then there’s nothing better you can do for your body. It revives your body, balances your pH levels, promotes weight loss and clears your skin. All in all, the best drink to have when you’re feeling down. It:

  • Balances PH Levels
  • Promotes Weight loss
  • Hydrates Body


3. Ginger Tea

Indians love it and quite rightfully so. This pungent brew might smell funny, but a little bit of honey should do the trick. From motion sickness to fertility problems, this root is a cure for many ailments.

  • Improves Body Circulation
  • Boosts the Immune System
  • Its Aphrodisiac Property Boosts Fertility in Men


4. Tulsi Tea

Almost every Indian household will have a tulsi plant, no matter what. After all, it is the most important ingredient of every nani ji ke nuske. Blocked nose? Tulsi ki chai piyo. Have fever? Tulsi ki chai banao. Whatever your ailment is, tulsi will always come to your rescue. It:

  • Improves Digestion
  • Promotes Dental Health
  • Eliminates Risk of Kidney Stones


5. Black Tea


While both green and black tea are made from the same shrub, it’s the processing method that makes the brews different. It:

  • Reduces Risk of Heart Stokes
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Simulates Metabolism & Respiratory System

We hope this will help you to choose the best Tea for you! Don’t forget to share this post with your friends to keep them healthy! 🙂 dont forget to check our other posts

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