How Not to Hack Facebook?

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How not to Hack Facebook?

Each and every one of us always have this question “How to hack Facebook” in our minds, most of us has already tried looking for this on Google, have gone to various Websites which tells various methods to do so! But today we are going to see the another side of the coin and will find the answer to the Question “How not to Hack Facebook” and we will also see why this is important for your personal Security.

Hacking Facebook is not as easy as most self-proclaimed Hackers will tell you and if anyhow you manage to hack the server and enter into Facebook’s Database (Which is not even possible!) you will soon land yourself in Police Custody. 

The Legal side

Most of us think that our Facebook account is our personal property but it’s not, Facebook allows you to connect with your friends, share your stuff but that does not means that it is your integral property; even if you try to hack your personal account it will also be termed as illegal and is a potential Cyber Crime.


You will find many websites which will give you a certain Code and will ask you to enter it onto the JavaScript console to hack your friend’s Facebook account but instead of hacking them you will end in sharing your account’s login credentials with the so called Hackers of that so called Website! So please avoid such foolish act.

Phishing is also a method where you create a fake Facebook login page and send a link of that page to your victim and when he logs into Facebook using that link you will get his log in details. Yes, this method did used to work a while ago but now Facebook is much aware of such suspicious activity and will not allow you to send that malicious link and can even suspend your account for doing so.

There are several other methods also which you will find every time you search for “How to hack Facebook” but all of them are either fake or are now in knowledge of Facebook’s Security team and if you ever try to use them you will find yourself in much trouble!

Auto Likers

Many of us have FB pages and want to have a huge number of likes and followers and for this people use Auto Likers. Auto Likers works in a way where they will ask you to generate a Session key by giving your FB credentials. Session key is nothing but a type of password which allows them to use your facebook account without your knowledge. They might give you a number of machine generated likes but they will now also have a complete access to your account and can use it for illegal activites.

Please refrain from using them instead creating better content will automatically help you in growing your page and will give you a potential organic audience.

Secure yourself

Facebook now have features like two factor authentication so that your account is safe and secure. You should never believe on these self-proclaimed hackers who says that they can hack Facebook, by doing this you will save your account as well as your time and 


Ethical Hacking is not just about Facebook or any other Social media account rather it is a field where you gain knowledge so that you can find Security loopholes or Vulnerabilities and can fix them to make your application more secure.

Anybody who is interested in this field must understand this and should not waste his time in such stupid things. 

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