How to choose a best domain to start a website

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Phewwww writing from phone today! tired as tommorow  maths exam but finally got time so heyaaaaa guysssss Lakhwinder Singh is back and this time with a guide on how to choose a best suitable domain. Which will make your site grow faster so without wasting time let’s get started

How to get a suitable domain 

to start with…

Method 1 :-

Choose a name according to your niche

Choosing a name which defines what your site is about really affect your ranking and growth time in search engine. So you should plan first first what type of content you can write about. Like if you are writing about technology based articles you can add keywords like tech tips android iOS iPhone developer or anything related to tech which mostly define your work. Make your domain name small and simple with one word which defines your niche will help you to establish your site more better on the internet.

Method 2 :-

Choose a domain name which was already used

Expired domain best prideted

Sounds like what am I joking to you….. No I am not joking guys find a domain which was already owned by someone and now is abandoned by him. Yup there are many site which will help you to find which domain are going to expire and which are available to buy. You can use these sites to get a domain and get ranked in search engines from day 1. 😉

Sites to find expired domain names

So these are 2 quick methods to make a good start hope you liked Pls don’t forget to share 🙂 cyaaa don’t forget to check other posts

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