How to write effective blog posts to increase traffic

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If you want to increase traffic to your blog, then you need to write blog posts that people want to read and share with their own audiences. The following are 10 tips to write highly shareable blog posts that you can use immediately.

#1. Write Quality Content

If your blog content stinks, no one will read it or share it. Take your time and try to write high-quality content to make it as shareable as possible.

#2. Proofread

It doesn’t matter how great your content is if it’s filled with spelling and grammar errors. Bloggers are human, and there will be a typographical error in your blog posts from time to time. However, continual errors that could have been fixed with proofreading reduce the readability and shareability of your blog posts.

#3. Format Your Posts

The way you format your blog posts can make or break their shareability. You should always preview your blog post before you publish it to make sure the formatting looks good, but there is more to formatting a highly shareable post than ensuring the post doesn’t include any extra line breaks or incorrect alignments. For example, write scannable blog posts using short paragraphs, headlines, subheads, and lists to break up text-heavy pages. Be sure to use images, too.

#4. Use Images Consistently

Images add visual appeal to your blog posts and allow readers’ eyes to get some rest on text-heavy pages. Use images in your blog posts, but be consistent about their formatting to make your posts more shareable. For example, use consistent positioning and sizing to make your posts look streamlined, clean, and professional rather than cluttered and confusing.

#5. Write Clickworthy Headlines

No one is going to read your blog posts if your headlines aren’t intriguing, and they won’t share your posts if they don’t read them. Therefore, it’s essential that you write blog post headlines that people want to click!

#6. Start Strong

Write like a journalist and open your blog posts with the most important thing you want readers to take away from it. If they read nothing else, make sure that they know what the post is about within the first paragraph, and add details (from most important to least important) in the rest of the post.

#7. Make Posts Easy to Share

Be sure to include social sharing buttons on all of your blog posts, so readers can share them with their own audiences with a click of the mouse!

#8. Promote Your Posts the Right Way

When you promote your blog posts by sharing them through updates on your social media profiles, make sure you format those updates so they’re highly clickable and shareable. For example, make the content of the update is intriguing to encourage click-throughs. When you have limited characters to work with, such as in Twitter updates, include the link to your blog post early in the tweet so it doesn’t get truncated when it is retweeted. When you share your blog post through a Facebook update, make sure you include an image in the update along with the link to the post to increase click-throughs.

#9. Be Quoteworthy

Your blog post should include an original idea from you that people will want to quote. Draw attention to that awesome quote in your post by making it bold or showing it off in some other way that works aesthetically on your blog. If you simply regurgitate information from another source, there is no reason to share your post rather than the content from the original source. Instead, write content that people want to quote!

#10. Be Timely

Even if your blog isn’t a source for breaking news, you should still try to be timely in publishing your posts. There are two reasons why timing matters for shareability. First, the more frequently you publish content to your blog, the more people get to know you, see your updates, trust your content and become more willing to share your content with their own audiences. Second, writing about current events that happened weeks ago might make your posts seem irrelevant to readers who have already moved onto the next big current event. Even a delay of days could turn an event into old news, so make sure you keep up with the online conversation and buzz so you don’t write about old news and decrease the shareability of your blog posts.

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