Funny Photos Where Cropping Changed Everything! Hilarious

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Images are capturing the moments. But what if they start cropping the images and the whole meaning of the photos change. Every image has two sides, one that ought to be depicted and another that comes after editing or say cropping, and it can be funny, nasty or anything surprising you never expected.

Below are 8 photos that have been cropped for interesting and hilarious results. Some of these people are just trying to stunt, while others are trying to spare us from the harsh reality of the situation. Either way, most of these cropped images are guaranteed to make you smile!


1. What are you seeing now?


Look carefully now what shadows can damage.


2. That’s so rich to have a pool and enjoy life.


It’s funny to accept that this was a cropping effect or else people would be mistaken.


3. The level of cropping people in media usually do to make news from different points.


4. Can it be a flying boat or one sailing in an empty vast sea or maybe a Pirates of Caribbean wreck?


Let’s just assume it’s an industry or a chimney.


5. Dude you look great with your car


I think other than cropping your car needs repairing too.


6. That’s a romantic couple and their relationship goals.


Clearly, someone doesn’t like that kiss at all.


7. I wish this whale doesn’t fall on me. (LOL)

funnyOnly if it was a whale.


8. I would love to go to that location and tour myself.

funnyThis was funny but monkeys also need to get nasty or they will be erased from existence.


After this, you know the power of cropping and how it can change the entire motive of the photos. Be careful next time when you take photos of yourself or else you might have to crop things out. Don’t forget to share this with your friends!

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