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You guys must be thinking that what is “JUST HUMANITY CLUB” , well let me tell you It’s a kind of organization in Italy runned by a Young Boy named Malkeet Singh Nita and club.

Who is Malkeet Singh?

Well let me tell you about this young guy ! We all know the slogan “wherever there is a will there is a way” and he is a true example of it! He came in Italy in a young age and studied there but it wasn’t an easy journey for him , he faced many problems like discrimination in his class. He used to sit alone on bench with a sad face. While all other used to sit in together and enjoy ! After some years he started modeling but he didn’t leave his studies and like this one day he opened his own license school for all but The best thing is that he teach to those who doesn’t knew Italian language! And today is a man who has everything Money, Respect, Status and he earned all the with hard work and believe in himself!

Humanity Club

Now let’s talk about this club. Well, if you are in Italy and you are having children and because of financial problems you can’t afford their studies! So guys you can contact this club and they will surely take responsibility of your child or children! If a youngster is confused about his future then just pick up your cell and contact them they will give you the best advice for your bright future! They help all, everyone. So, guys now this our duty too to respect them and to be with them always! I’m in Italy from 6 years. And this is the first time that someone tried to help foreigners here! They ever organized a fare recently called “Teeya da mela”  , which was literally mind blowing!

If plan A didn’t work. Remember, Alphabet has 25 more letter!

So guys, their club is a true example Of humanity in this century. He is making India proud! Let us know your thoughts in comments below!


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