Kashmir Has Its Own Facebook! Get Connected on Wansaw!

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IHey, guys! Today we’ll be discussing Wansaw. It’s Kashmir’s Social Network. It is very similar to Facebook as we have the ability to set a profile picture, share photos & status, like photos, share, comment, tag, etc.

I just loved using it because of its so UI Friendly! It’s like we are surfing Kashmiri Facebook. I will strongly recommend you guys to must check it out! As it is like Facebook & it is a good alternative for Facebook for Kashmiri peoples. Because most of the time Facebook is banned in Kashmir.


About Wansaw

Is Facebook Banned again,

Time to checkout wansaw.com

Wansaw is Social networking platform everyone is free to join and use wansaw under some terms.

Wansaw.com lets you to Share your happenings, See what other friends are sharing, Meet new people Chat with them. Promote your business. Stay connected with your loved once. Nothing much to say but you got to try it!


Benefits of Having Own Social Network

Yep, it’s awesome to have an own social network! You can share your moments in your own social network & some times it feels insecure to share your photos on Facebook as the whole world can see you. It also has many amazing privacy systems which will keep your content secure & to limited peoples. You can Set who can see your content (like only friends or friends of friends or public). As being Kashmiri it’s a great feeling to have an own social network. <3


Drawbacks Of Own Social Network

Yeah, there are some drawbacks as well. As if you want to promote your business so only limited amount of people could be able to see them. And if you are a like lover so you won’t be able to get as many likes as you get on Facebook. If you want to make peoples watch you doing amazing things like photoshopping (or anything like gaming, sports, tricks).


They have an amazing 5.0-star rating on their official Facebook Page (Opens in New Tab). & they are regularly posting on their Facebook page about warsaw tips & updates. They’ve also organized many giveaways last month.


Final Words

Its such a great pleasure to have own social network & it also has its benefits as well as drawbacks. I’ll highly recommend you to try it atleast once👍. Those guys are doing an amazing job with their Wansaw.com & their Facebook Fan Page. Whenever Facebook is banned You can use it freely to get connected to your dear one

We should support them, those guys are really doing a great job to maintaining a social network at a zero cost to as to use it.


So, what did you think? What’s your opinion to use the own social network? Let us know in down comments below!

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