Mobile Phone Ban in Primary School – The follow of French Move

French has banned the Mobile Phones in Primary School. Checkout the reasons here.

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The mobile phone was proved a revolutionary invention that changed the world in various manners. Due to the option to call anyone, anytime and at anywhere leads to amazing benefits. However, it has some drawbacks just a coin has the flip side. The mobile phone is surely good, but when it reaches to students, it leads to various issues where distraction is the biggest issue.

Due to this particular reason, educational experts are focusing on the legal methods to ban mobile phone in primary schools of Australia. It is mainly for the lesser distraction from studies and away from the social isolation issues. Even the purpose is to decrease the chances of getting bullied by the excessive use of technology. Even experts added that there is no need of mobile phone in the classroom for a school going, kid.

As the French government had done the same before where they banned the use of mobile phone in school hours. The student below the age of 15 can’t use a mobile phone in the school hour. Due to this particular reason, an inquiry is launched in the states of Australia to find the issues. It is found that the mobile phone is definitely having a vast number of damage to their studies.

It is not sure that Australia is going to follow the same rule or not, but it is sure that the mobile phone is making students pay less attention to studies and more to games. Due to this reason, few states of Australia are following the strict guidelines where students can’t use the mobile phone anymore. This experiment will be tested in different schools, and the complete survey will help in conclusion.

In a report, it is found that more than 89% of students are using their Smartphone in the classroom. It is surely diverting their mind from mainstream which is study. It can lead to various issues in the overall score of students and learning improperly. Being the unnecessary distraction for students make the Smartphone less reliable that’s why the decision to ban mobile phones is going to help.

Even it is found that Smartphone use leads to anti-social behavior where the mobile user doesn’t know about the surroundings and friends, but he/she is getting into the virtual world and interacting online. It can cause issues with their learning as well as it becomes harder to get social. It is the worst issue that can lead to misbehavior problems.

According to the experts, they have heard numerous stories from teachers that found students using the mobile phone in class. It not only leads to distraction, but it also causes issues with their studies. The mobile phones are addictive, and if you get into any chat conversation, the chances of focusing back on studies are very few. Due to this particular reason, the student starts getting weaker in studies.

Experts added that there are many countries in the world that do not allow students to bring their mobile phone in school. Asian countries like India, China, and many others do not allow students to bring the phone to school. It is only allowed in universities. Due to less distraction, students can focus on their studies and learn well.

Even teachers get irritated because students are not paying attention. In such cases, a teacher is not going to pay much attention to quality teaching because he/she knows that very few are paying attention. This is the common issue found every day. So, a teacher can feel less satisfied while teaching and it can lead to issues in the future.

Apart from this, the call to put guidelines on a mobile phone in schools in Australia is in hype after the French government action on this issue. If you are a teacher living in Australia, then you may know about this problem and the trouble with the behavior of students. And, the reports on this issue are also negative where 89 percent of students are admitting that they use a Smartphone during the class time.  

Social media is the biggest issue and the devil here because it causes the biggest distraction. Students focus on doing something funny in class and recording these moments to share on social media. It not only leads to distraction but it is also the violation school guidelines. It is sure that students who are good in studies don’t get distracted easily.

But, the students with average score can face these issues here because they won’t be able to focus on studies. The mobile phone is good in many manners, but it does not have any role in the school that’s why it should be banned as soon as possible. If the mobile phone isn’t banned, then students should be taught about the safe use of their devices and keeping it away during studies.

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