Social Media Tips to increase Organic followers For Instagram

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Getting 1000s of followers is everybody’s dream but getting stuck at 200,300 followers is so annoying. Most of you tried the methods which are not at all good for your account one example is autolikers. So Prideted is back with Social Media #Tip to increase #Organic followers For #Instagram. This is the 100% organic method and can help you get 1000s of followers.Without wasting time lets start with it.

Social Media #Tip to increase #Organic followers For #Instagram

Step 1:- Follow first to get a follow back

instagram follow4follow trick prideted

You will be like you know this like4like and follow4follow but I must tell you that you doing it all wrong below are the simple tips you can apply to get a lot of followers.

  1. Follow #famous influencers (people who have already 100K+ followers) and wait until they upload a new post.
  2. Then go on the picture’s likes and follow the 100 last likers within 5 minutes after the post is published.
  3. You will see that many users that you followed will follow you back.
  4. After that, you can #unfollow users that didn’t follow you 😉

Step 2:- #hashtags To get Targeted Instagram audience

hashtags to get instagram likes and followers

Hashtags are best to let people know about your account. Below are things you should take care before posting any picture.

1.Try to post about only one topic mixing up of the topics will let you lose followers and likes.

  1. Use apps which are given below to generate tags and copy and paste them to your photos to get the more targeted audience.
Copy & Paste Hashtags in Instagram pictures to get more likes
Best hashtags to get more like and followers.

List of Some popular Instagram accounts you should follow

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