Teens you won’t believe actually exist…

hey guys..I am Vipan again back with my new article in which I will show you some teens which are far different from normal teens...

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Vipan bal back and again unbelievable facts waiting for you so without wasting time lets get started

Narenda Kumar


India’s Narenda Kumar was losing weight, vomiting, and complaining of cramps in his increasingly protruding belly. And in depth medical exam revealed that Kumar’s unborn twin had been living inside him for 18 years. This is an incredibly rare condition with only 200 cases ever reported worldwide. During the early stage of pregnancy, one foetus enters the other through the umbilical cord and becomes a parasite living off the other twin’s body. During the 3-hour procedure, doctors removed a malformed foetus weighing 5 lbs. Consisting of a bone, teeth, a poorly developed head and a massive thick chunk of hair.

Hannah Kritzeck


Hannah Kritzeck was born w8th primordial dwarfism, a condition affecting  only about 100 people in the entire world. She is 39 inches tall and weighs just under 30 lbs. She looks and sounds like a little kid when she speaks, though she’s actually in her late teens. People often mistake for a 5 year old, and she has several health issues, as most people with this type of dwarfism aren’t known to make it past their 20s. Hannah is bubbly and dreams of a bright future in the entertainment business as she loves to sing, dance and act.

Deepak Jangra


India’s Deepak Jangra can withstand 11,000 volts passing through his body. The same amount of voltage used to power 500 houses. A normal person would die from this instantly. Deepak feels absolutely nothing as the electrical current runs through him. And he has helped over 60 houses in his village with their electrical problems. He gets to work with his bare hands. He can withstand live wires in his mouth and can even sit with his hands in a bucket full of water, filled with running electricity. 16 year old Deepak says he feels very privileged to have such a tremendous gift from god.

Tori Punch


19 years old Tori punch from Australia, was diagnosed with proteus syndrome at birth, an extremely rare condition that causes abnormal growth of the bones and skin. It has caused Tori’s legs to grow unusually long and angled and the bones in her skull to grow upwards. She also has dozens of painful benign tumours on her feet, leaving her unable to wear shoes. Tori has the mental age of a seven year old and is confined to a wheelchair. Doctors are unsure how the condition will continue to progress, but Tori’s mother is hoping that her daughter’s story will help find a cure.

Ellen Lietzow


17 years old Ellen Lietzow wanted so badly to be the popular girl in school, she nearly killed herself for it. At the height of her battle with anorexia, Ellen wouldn’t even let a drop of water touch her lips as she was whittled down to a horrifying 75 pounds. Her hair began to fall out in clumps and she began to lose circulation on her toes and fingers.

After fasting for a week, ellen had a seizure and collapsed. When she attempted to drink a glass a of water. Doctors at the hospital were astonish. She was even still alive, but she was on the brink of death. As her liver and kidneys had begun to fail. Now at 19, Ellen has completely turned her life around, living a healthy vegan lifestyle, and hoping to inspire others with her story.

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