These Children actually exists…

Hey guys, I am again back with a article which constitutes of the children with some disorder which made them different from us.

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 It was reall shocking to collect details about these peopke and question arise ‘These Children actually exists…’ lets start

Bayezid Hossain

He is a 4 years old child from Southern Bangladesh, who is unable to attend school as the other children are afraid of him. He suffers from Progeria, a condition that causes premature aging of the body, not the mind. While Bayezid does have above average intelligence, his sagging skin, deep set eyes and other abnormalities caused by the condition, give him the appearance of 80 years old man, as he ages at eight times the normal rate.

Tessa Evans

She is a girl born without a nose. Grainne and Nathan Evans from Ireland were shocked to learn during an ultrasound that their baby girl would be born without nose. Her disorder referred to as Arhinia, is extremely rare with only forty seven reported cases in medical history. To make it easier for her to breathe, a tracheotomy tube was placed in her throat. At two years old, Tessa’s parents allowed doctors to implant a 3d printed mold that will eventually appear as a normal nose. She will undergo numerous surgeries throughout her youth and into her teenage years to improve the appearance of the mold.


Pan Xianhang

He is a boy from Wenling, Eastern China, referred to as a ‘fish boy’ due to a severe case of Ichthyosis. This condition is very rare skin condition that is presently incurable and causes dry, thick, and scaly looking skin. It is uncomfortable and can be very painful , making it difficult to move and affecting the ability to sweat, causing pain to overheat easily.

He also has difficulty sleeping due to the itching and pain. Hopefully one day a cure can be found or at least a way to lessen the discomfort caused by the condition.



Benjamin Underwood

Ben Underwoodtaught,The Boy with Sonar Vision,incredible people in the world,incredible hearing


When he was two years old, Ben Underwood of Elk Grove, California wa diagnosed with the retinal cancer. In order to avoid the spread of the disease, his eyes were removed and replaced with the prosthetics. Unlike most visually impaired people however Ben did not use a guide dog or a cane. By the time he was five years old, he’d taught himself to use echolocation, like a bat, making a sharp clicking sound with his tongue and waiting for the echo to bounce off objects to help him get around. Using echolocation he was able to play basketball, rollerblade, and even ride a bike. He was one and only human in the to use solely echolocation to navigate his surroundings. Sadly his cancer returned and he passed away at the age of 16 in 2009.



Charlotte Garside 

She is girl born in Withernsea, England. With just 2 lbs and was just 25 centimeters at the time of birth. She was so tiny even premature baby clothing don’t fit and she needed to be dressed in doll’s clothing. At first doctors were unsure of the cause of Charlotte’s tiny size, but later discovered it was a rare form of dwarfism, referred to as primordial dwarfism. This condition results in the smaller body size. In all stages of life and can happen when both the parents carry the gene. At five years, she was only 9 lbs and 68 centimeters tall, not much bigger than an infant


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