Thing to know about Mr Bean

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If you are not sure who Rowan Atkinson aka mr bean is, it’s enough to say just one name – Mr. Bean! Born on 6 January 1955, Atkinson is famous for keeping his private life as private as possible. Some interesting facts about this great English comedian…

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* A very educated man, Atkinson is a graduate from two universities – the Newcastle University and the Oxford University. His thesis was on self-tuning control systems.


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* He is also a proud owner of an impressive collection of fast cars including Aston Martin, Honda, Audi and even MC Laren F1


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According to Rowan Atkinson, the character of Mr. Bean was influenced by French silent comedy star Jacques Tati’s Monsieur Hulot.

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* During his prolific film career, the actor earned significant money. His current wealth is estimated be about £85 million (approximately 130 million dollars).


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* A little-known fact is that Rowan Atkinson has a stutter due to which he has to stress on certain words, especially those starting with B. This explains why Bean pronounces his own name in such an odd manner.


* Rowan Atkinson developed Mr. Bean while he was studying for his master’s degree at Oxford University.

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* The Mr. Bean TV series has been shown on more than 50 airlines.

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Mr. Bean was the highest-rated comedy on British TV in the 1990s.

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  • Mr bean inspire a video game which released in December 2007, called Mr. Bean’s Wacky World.


I hope you enjoyed  reading some facts  about the most interesting man,  our favorite , our happiness one and the only Mr bean💝💖🔝💗💓



Thing to know about Mr Bean
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Thing to know about Mr Bean
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