Thing You Need To Know About Battery Backup!

Smartphones are massive battery draining devices. Whichever device you use,ultimately you have to charge it. Here are some ways by which you can optimize its use.

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Smartphones are massive battery draining devices. Whichever device you use,ultimately you have to charge it. Here are some ways by which you can optimize it to get better battery backup!


1)Avoid using battery saver apps

There are tonnes of apps on playstore which claim to increase your battery backup. But believe me they drain you battery even faster. As you have to allow the app to give some additonal permissions,the app will always run in the background busy killing other apps.This means your processors will remain active even when your screen is off or phone is idle.

Remember,battery saver apps work best when your phone is rooted(like greenify) . On unrooted device its just a showpiece that sucks the battery even faster.




2)Use custom ROMs

I know its a quite tedious process for newbies. Once you root the device you can install any custom ROMs for your device. Since most stock ROMs come with many bloatware,its not possible to get rid of them. Some cannot be disabled also. By flashing appropriate Custom ROM you can overcome this issue. Do remember to take a proper nandroid backup,else you may mess up with the device.





3)Avoid connecting to Wi-fi/internet when theres no need

We all want to remain connected with our friends and family. But whenever your phone is connnected to wi-fi it drains the battery even faster. This because your phone needs to power the wi-fi module in your device. Also avoid connecting to wi-fi which have poor strength.

Ever since jio got launched many peolple have got 4G devices. The disadvantage of jio is that its purely 4G. Connecting to 4G network means more battery drain when compared to 3G/2G.

So if you have other operators which provide 3G and 2G besides 4G, I suggest you to switch to 3G only. After all 3G is also fast.




4)Killing of tasks

Its really pleasant to swipe left and right to kill the running apps on android. But have you wondered how it affects your battery life?

Consider whatsapp as example. How many times do we kill it as soon as we exit? And every time you open it again, the application has to start from scratch. This will consume more battery. Theres a rumour that if you kill the apps your phone will run faster. But this totally false, todays operating system are really smart, after some time the OS will kill the app itself. So if you use any task killer apps or kill tasks manually then avoid doing it





Here are some more tips(you may know this)

  • Keep the brightness minimum(but not to less,else you will strain your eyes)
  • Switch of google sync
  • Don’t allow all apps with “usage access” permission
  • Reboot your phone once a week to keep your battery healthy
  • Disable haptic feedback
  • Turn off location when not needed


Hope you found this content informative, please leave a comment down. Also if you have any doubts  then please ask.

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