This $1 “I Hate iPhone App” Certify you as true iPhone Hater

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This $1 App Certify you as true iPhone Hater

Haters can do anything to prove how much they hate any type of product. Let it be Samsung Apple or LG People express their hate in Different ways. iPhone haters do it a bit differently.”I hate iPhone app”

Many are those who love android so much that they cant be inside the boundaries of iPhone. So to express that hatred we Added an app in the play store which certifies you as a real iPhone hater and works as the symbol of the superiority of Android over iPhone. So if you are on like us who hate the iPhone and thinks its just a waste of money with outdated features you should grab this app.

i hate iphone app PRIDETED

So Without wasting more time let me Introduce with the “I HATE iPhone” app

I Hate iPhone app

I Hate iPhoneI Hate iPhone
Are you a real iPhone hater! You cant say that until you get this app
So this is it guys hope iPhone haters liked this app if you did please like us on Facebook. And dont forget to check out our other content

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