Lists some Indian colleges which are known to have the best hostels in the country primarily because of the kind of accommodation, capacity and facilities.

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 BIT MESRA has eleven hostels for boys and three separate ones for girls. The college houses approximately 3,200 undergraduate and postgraduate students along with 2,000 members of the faculty and staff. The hostel area is full of greenery.

The official website reveals that, “Each male-student is provided with well-furnished single-accommodation while girls share their accommodation in spacious and adequately furnished rooms. Individual rooms are constructed in a row with a wide veranda for common use running along the length of passage. Common facilities at the hostel include dining halls and common rooms with provision for several indoor games. The reading room in each hostel subscribes to a large number of magazines, periodicals and newspapers. The entertainment hall in each hostel has a colour television set. Each hostel has an independent mess, completely run and managed by the students themselves”.

2.IIT Guwahati

 IIT GUWAHATI has nine full-fledged hostels, including one girls’ hostel and one new boys’ hostel. The names of the boys’ hostels are Brahmaputra, Kapili, Dihing, Dibang, Manas, Kameng, Umiam, Siang and Barak whereas the girls’ hostel is called Subansiri. The hostel provides single seater accommodation.

“Each hostel has a multipurpose common room, a TV room where the environment gets really hot during Indo-Pak matches and the English Premier League, a TT room, carom and a gym, a volley ball court or a badminton court, depending on the hostel you find yourself in, along with a multi-purpose playground. In addition, there is also the reading room where you will find the latest magazines and a plethora of newspapers. Each room in every hostel is connected to the institute LAN (Local Area Network). Internet facility is provided in individual rooms”, states the official website.


Mudra Institute of Communications Ahmedabad (MICA) are red bricked, double storey with a total capacity to accommodate 400+ students. These hostels are named after Indian trees and flowers such as Champa, Chandni, Chinar, Kachnar, Parijat, Amaltas, Gulmohar and Palaash. In addition, MICA has an international student’s hostel called Silver Oak.

Students are mostly offered double sharing rooms in their first year and single occupancy ones are given to them from 2nd year onwards.

4.IIM Ahmedabad

The new campus is just a road away and is connected by an underground tunnel.

The official website of IIM-A says, “There are 25 student dormitories with a total capacity to hold about 740 occupants. Apart from the dormitories there are separate housing facilities available for married candidates. The dorms have ten single rooms on each floor arranged around a stairway and a tearoom”.

5.NIT Warangal

The biggest hostel at NIT Warangal is called the ‘Ultra Mega Hostel’ which houses PG and BTech students. The hostel has 10 floors with 120 rooms in each floor. The rooms are both single and double seated and have a total capacity to lodge 1,800 students. Apart from this, the college has a ‘Mega Hostel’ as well which has a capacity to comfortably accommodate 1,000 students.


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