Top 5 Cool Gadgets Under ₹1000 On Amazon! Links Included

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There are many gadgets and tech accessories coming out faster than we can keep up. However, we presume that these might burn a hole in our pocket. If that is your concern, we are here to prove it wrong. We have explored the wide web and put together this list of top 5 cool gadgets you could purchase under Rs. 1000. So, let’s get started.


Top 5 Cool Gadgets Under ₹1000

NOTE: Prices of these products may increase or decrease over time.


1. Xiaomi Band – @ Rs. 799

Fitness freak? Want to keep tabs on your daily activities? And share the strict budget for a fitness band too? Don’t worry Xiaomi band got your back. One of the finest fitness band that is available on the online platform. Xiaomi band offers features like calculating the calories burnt, the number of steps you’ve walked and measures the distance too. It even comes in handy in measuring your sleep too and acts as an alarm as well.



2. Kotion Each Over the Ear Headsets with Mic & LED @ Rs. 999

The Kotion Each G4000 gaming headset is in the first bracket, very reasonably priced for a set that contains a mic and both line-in and USB connections (though the USB is only used for the lights and is optional), as well as light up LED panels to make them stand out. Value For Money at this price bracket that’s why this is in our list of top 5 cool gadgets.

Top 5 Amazing Gadgets Under ₹500

3. ANT VR Headset (Black) @ Rs. 999

The VR headset for them all. Designed initially for  Lenovo Vibe X3, K5 Plus and K3 Note, But, can be used with other phones ranging in display size from 4.5 inches to 6 inches. You will also get download a bundled APP to get some awesome content or view 360 Degree video anywhere online.




4. Logitech K230 Wireless Keyboard – @ Rs. 849

Going wireless is the new trend running in, and this Logitech K239 wireless keyboard is a great deal under 1000 bucks. This device is remarkably known for it a battery life of almost two years, the range of this keyboard is somewhere around 10 meters which is pretty good, and it comes with a hardware warranty of 3 years too.



5. SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0, SDDD2 32GB (150MBps) @ Rs. 899

This compact USB drive works on your PC as well as your Smartphones thanks to its USB 3.0 connector on one end and Micro USB connector on the other. Being a USB 3.0, the file transfer rate is pretty high, reaching up to 150MB/sec.Note that it works on smartphones which support OTG. Priced at Rs. 875, this plug and play drive is a must have.


I hope you guys found this list useful to buy something for yourself just under ₹1000. Don’t Forget to check our list of  gadgets under ₹500.

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