Top 5 Weird Websites On The Internet!

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Top 5 Weird Websites are parts of the internet. And, the Internet is similar to a very large jungle where junk meets treasure, and it’s exclusively up to you to make a decision what company to keep.

Are you in stress right now? …Are you submerged under your college books or fed up in the threat of your office room?

If yes, then I can bet these Insanely Weird Websites For Adults as well as interesting in a funny nature will not only refresh but will calm down your mind with huge happiness J  So let’s begin in the company of Top 5 weirdest websites and interesting website list of 2017.


1. ZoomQuilt (illusion weird website):

Zoom Quilt Weird Websites

Have you seen a kind of planet that just zooming and zooming?

When I observed it at the first time, I realized that it is one of the great design illusions I have ever observed online…

ZoomQuilt is basically a never-ending infinite zoom illusion produced with flash technology.

Kids likes a lot of time play with it… This is without a doubt one of the most excellent design arts on the internet. I can bet you will be truly stunned by the way it goes on.

Visit Now: ZoomQuilt


2. TestGay

Guy Test Weird Website

I hope I don’t have to clarify this anymore as the name explains everything I suppose.

So give it a try… This tool will test you… LOL

Check your Gay Status: GayTest


3. Clever Bot (chatting weird website):

Usually, this one’s Engineers favorite! Mine too!

Technically Cleverbot works on an artificial intelligence algorithm to have chats with human being… Wikipedia

For having fun, just go and chat with the bot/application; you will be shocked by the replies of the application. Trust me you won’t bored Button chatting with it for hours.

Talk Now: Clever Bot 


4. I Look Like Barack Obama:

i look like barack obama

This is actually a funny website links where a man called as “Trevor”, say that he looks like Barak Obama.

Do you think something is weird here?

Well, in the reality that man isn’t look like Obama, he just says that he looks like.

If you can’t notice the strange, ambiguous similarity between the first American black president in history and the crazy Websiteswhite guy who owns the website then anything is wrong with your eyes, according to him…

I really don’t know that guy is serious or he’s just having fun.

Visit now: ILookLikeBarackObama


15. Press The Space Bar:

Are you bored? Want to break your office spacebar? Yeah! You heard it correct?

How many times can you press the spacebar in 5 seconds, 10 seconds or even 15 seconds?

Don’t know?

Then this game is especially made for you. My 5 seconds score was 36 Just go beat it… It’s fun and awesome.

Visit Now: Press The Space Bar


I hope you enjoyed the each one of Funny & Weird Websites For Boredom or maybe I wasted your time? Or maybe your mood is fresh now? Or Funny? I don’t know, LOL!

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