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Ever wondered how much your favorite YouTubers earn per month. If you did be sure to read this post completely.

Hello, everyone, this is Vipan Bal and I am back with What your favorite youtubers earn per month.

Bhuvan bam

He is 23 years old delhi based youtuber. He is comedian, singer cum youtuber. His channel
BBKiVines is one of the fastest growing channel on youtube in India. He has over 3,977,310
subscribers and 544,007,200 views (August 20,2017). In addition with youtube channel, he has
worked on other web series like The Viral Fever Videos and Happii Fi. As his target audience
are mainly 18+ people so his early and starting fans came from Pakistan.He also appeared
in TEDx IIT Delhi and TEDx Jaypee University of Information Technology in

Monthly Income – $16000-$60000 monthly (approx ).

Gaurav Chaudhary

He is 28 years old mumbai based youtuber aka Technical Guru Ji. Earlier he was an Actor. His
channel TechnicalGuruJi is the top tech channel with over 2,604,411 subscribers and
230,517,359 views as on August 20, 2017. He completed his Microelectronics from BITS Pilani.
Since his childhood days of his life he was always inclined towards technology. He started his
youtube career back in the month of october 2015 and now he has reached over 2.6 million
subscribers. And this all happened just in a short period of 22 months only.

Monthly income – $14000-$50000 monthly (approx).


Nisha Madhulika

She is 58 years old noida based youtuber usually uploads videos of Indian recipes. In 2007 she
started a blog and after about 1-2 years she joined Youtube. Her channel has over 2,554,455
subscriber and 635,029,750 views as on August 20,2107. She is also and inspiration for those
who think at the age it is difficult and a bar to start any kind of work. She has also won the
Youtube Top CheF India in the year 2014. Usually she uploads videos of Recipes of
Indian Vegetarian food which are easy to eat and cook.

Monthly income – $5000-$30000 monthly(approx) .

Tanmay Bhatt

He is 30 years old youtuber. This chubby and fatty guy is the co-founder along with Gursimran
Khamba of the top youtube channel known as All India Bakchod and is also in the list of the
most richest Indian millionaires. He was on of the first four comedians to be featured at the
Comedy store.
His channel has over 2,496,754 subscribers and 276,505,054 as on August 20, 2017.

Monthly income- $9000-$40000 monthly (approx).

Ajey Nagar


Also known as CarryMinati, he is 18 years old youtuber based in Faridabad. His channel
CarryMinati became one of the fastest growing youtube channel in India. He is famous for his
rants of viral videos. He is active on youtube since 2010 and some of his videos contain 18+
content. He started his career on youtube with his channel “STeaLThFeArzZ” but it was not very
successful for Ajey so he started a nes channel CarryDeal which he renamed as CarryMinati.
Now his channel has over 1,644,090 subscribers and 190,227,881 views as on August 20,2017.

Monthly income- $5000-$50000 (approx)

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Monthly Earning of Top Indian Youtubers
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